We don’t love our children the same. We love them uniquely, because they are each unique. Because of their uniqueness, a parenting approach that works for one child could cause another one to wilt. My good friend, partner in ministry, and coach/strategist Jenny Price joins me today to talk through various personality types we find among children, and what strategies can help us get the best out of each one.

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Show Highlights

  • What does it mean to fully love your children, but not love them the same
  • Personality differences that become evident in the baby/toddler years
  • How different discipline techniques work with different personalities
    • The tender children
      • Helping them differentiate correction from “I’m a horrible person”
      • Their tendency for secretive shame
      • The importance of asking question
      • Teaching them that God is both The Lion and The Lamb
    • Assertive, strong-willed children
      • The need for discipline and structure
      • Their need for short conversations and a brick wall
      • Why lectures aren’t effective
    • The easy, under the radar children
      • The Glass Child
      • Why they are so easily overlooked
      • Their need of one on one time
    • Special needs children
      • Their need for higher attention
      • Beware of them working the system
      • The critical need for parents to take care of themselves
  • The importance of saying sorry to your children
  • Three questions to ask your children
    • What’s working for you?
    • What’s not working for you?
    • What’s next in relationship to me?
  • Three other great questions
    • What do you want more of from me?
    • What do you want less of from me?
    • What else are you not telling me?
  • Reminding your children that you love them, you are for them, that God loves them and is for them
  • Ensuring other mentors are involved in your children’s life

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