How do you cultivate a culture of generosity in your family?  Father and son Brad and Drew Formsma join me today to share how generosity has become a way of life in their household. Along with his dad, Drew recently published the book  Everyday Generosity – becoming a generous family in a selfie world.

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Show Highlights

  • How Uber drivers inspired 16 year old Drew to write Everyday Generosity
  • Drew’s earliest memories of generosity in his mom and dad
  • Brad explains the 7 ways a family can be generous
    • Words
    • Money
    • Influence
    • Attention
    • Possessions
    • Time
    • Thoughts
  • The power of a story
  • Pre-planing for generosity by carrying around gift cards
  • Getting your generosity antenna ready
  • Have you ever thanked the person who cleans the airport bathroom?
  • I share my son’s Chemo Orphan Challenge Story
  • How parents can model generosity in a way that is contagious
  • Learning that modeling generosity is a long process


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Resources Mentioned

Brad Formsma’s organization to inspire giving

Brad’s book I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life

Drew Formsma on Instagram

Drew Formsma on Twitter

Brad Formsma on Twitter

Brad Formsma on Instagram

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