Nearly 80 million people play the video game sensation Fortnite each month. Even if your children don’t play, they are talking about it, learning the dance moves. It’s not just a video game, it’s a cultural phenomenon.  Additionally, students are devouring content on youtube that you might not even realize exists.

My good friend and top 5 finalist for Florida state teacher of the year Patrick Farley joins me to talk about his experience of Fortnite and Youtube among his students.  These are topics you absolutely need to be aware of as you raise children interacting with pop culture.

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In this podcast we discuss:

  • The appeal of Fortnite
  • A free game that can cost a lot of money
  • Skins and avatars
  • Old culture meets modern culture in the Fortnite dances
  • Impulse buying with children and adults
  • The new trend of watching people play video games on Youtube
  • How watching youtube gamers is similar to watching sports on TV
  • The danger of your child being someone else’s commodity online
  • Parenting strategies to keep communication open when children find something inappropriate online

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Resources Mentioned

Caught In Between: Engaging Your Preteens Before They Check Out by Dan Scott

Here’s an excellent Fortnite Game Review by Plugged In

The most popular gaming Youtube Stars

Circle from Disney – This is a fantastic device for controling online consumtion in your house

Patrick Farley’s Youtube Channel “Mr. Farley”

Farley’s Instagram 


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