Your church family can inspire your household towards deeper faith in Christ and years of meaningful service.  It can also sow doubts about Jesus, hurt your marriage, and stir seeds that lead your children to abandon the faith.

On today’s podcast I talk about choosing a healthy church for your family. If you’re already happily nestled in the church of your dreams, I want to encourage you to listen because this is still going to be really important for you to hear. But if you find yourself between churches, or you’re involved in a church and you’re wavering on whether you should stick or split, these few minutes are vital for you to hear and potentially share with others in the same spot.

Listen as I explain my reasoning on how much you can determine on just about any given Sunday in a church gathering:

– Do they worship Jesus as Lord?
– Do they hold up the Bible as God’s Word and our guide?
– Do they demonstrate their love for people by the way they treat the ones in front of them?

Additionally I address a couple of longer term considerations:

– Is the leadership seeking Jesus?
– Fit? But be realistic.

Finally, I talk about some items that aren’t near as important as we sometimes make them out to be:

– The music
– The coffee
– The sound and lighting
– How they dress
– Are they super organized
– Did they remember my birthday or my hospital stay
– Topical or “Exxegetical”

And if you’re on the Treasure Coast of South Florida and don’t have a church family, I invite you to come worship with us at Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church!


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