Have you ever been driving along and experienced an accident, or even a near-miss accident?  Things happen so fast, your body essentially takes over before your mind knows what’s going on.

Do you remember how you felt in the moments after you got through the event?  As your brain begins to comprehend what happened, your adrenaline is still pumping, and suddenly your emotions catch up with the reality of what could have happened.  The event might only last for seconds, but the emotional recovery can take several minutes, hours, or days.

The time after a major personal or family crisis can often be like a very drawn out version of one of these accidents or near misses.  You think you should be able to just jump back into life, but instead find yourself flooded with emotion and fatigue.  You have a quick burst of energy but then feel like a zombie.

Just as self-care in the midst of crisis is important, self care after a crisis is crucial to rebuild all that is broken in the midst of trial and tragedy.  Listen to this week’s podcast and share with friends you know who have walked through deep waters as I discus:

– Keeping your expectations realistic

– Bursts of energy then deflation

– Reestablishing your routine

– Extended periods of rest

– Spiritual renewal

– Reviewing your journal

– Counseling and therapy

– Low impact vacation time

– Recommitting to your spiritual community

– Serving with your newfound gifts

It’s fooling to try to return to your old normal.  You’re not the same person you were before walking through these waters.  Acknowledge it.  Embrace it.  And keep waking.


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