We all go through significant times of crisis in our lives. For some it’s in response to a major event, for others it can be a drawn out season of chronic challenges.

On today’s podcast I want to share some perspectives on self-care while going through crisis.  As a parent or a spouse, you might find yourself dealing with the fallout of traumatic events in your loved one’s life.  Some of these things might be short seasons or events, the others might be chronic.  But in either case, as you find yourself having to go above and beyond what might be your “normal” load and capacity, I want to encourage you to give attention to your own health and well being.  Today we are going to focus on self care during the crisis, and next week I’ll give insights on what we might call “the rebuilding process” after the heat of the crisis cools.

As  you listen to the podcast today, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Lowering your expectations
  • Sleep
  • Food as fuel
  • Recognize Junk Food and Junk Time
  • Moments of alone time
  • Non-legalistic time with God
    • Drive time devotions
    • Praise music
  • Physical fitness
  • Journaling
  • Friends

If you find yourself in a relatively stable period of life, listen and learn, because you know your time is coming.  Also, think of a friend who needs to hear this, and share it with them!

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